Kim Kuznitz

Master Pilates instructor, surfer, and creator of the Surfilates™ technique


The Pilates technique was developed by Joseph Pilates, a gymnast and boxer, who was born in Germany in 1880. He was living in England at the outbreak of War War I and his German citizenship led to his imprisonment in a British internment camp along with other German nationals as enemy aliens. Despite the unfortunate circumstances, this was a fundamental time in the development of his method.

Surfilates™ is an innovative new Pilates and balance-based surf workout that is done on a specially designed surfboard. Balance discs and weighted balls mimic the stability challenges that you find on a regular surfboard. The technique was designed to enhance surfing performance through Pilates principles, though it’s for anyone that wants to get a great core workout and improve their balance and posture.

About Kim

Kim Kuznitz, PMA® CPT,  is a master Pilates instructor, surfer, and creator of the Surfilates™ technique. She was the founder and owner of BENT Pilates Studio, in NYC, from 2003-2015. Kim has worked extensively with special populations, such as clients with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) as well as those with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) and Parkinson’s Disease. At the International MS Management Practice Center in NYC, Kim worked with patients with varying degrees of MS under the guidance of Dr. Stephen Kanter, Supervisor of Rehabilitation Services.

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