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About Kim K

My goal is for the the benefits of Pilates to be open to everyone. I accomplish this through various offerings to the Kim K Pilates community. Membership is free!

Kim's Background

Pilates Teacher, Surfilates Founder

Kim Kuznitz has been teaching and working in the Pilates field for 25 years. Her style of teaching is a culmination of her fascination of how the human body moves. As a teenager, she danced for the New Jersey Ballet Company for a season and went to further her studies of dance and earned a BFA in Dance from SUNY Purchase. It was here where she discovered Pilates, but it didn’t resonate with her until she found her mentor Kelly Kane in NYC. She enrolled in her school, Kane School of Core Integration and became a certified Pilates Instructor. 

Pilates as Rehabilitation

She continued to study different forms of bodywork and movement while in NY, some of the techniques she dabbled in were Feldenkrais, Muscle Activation Technique and anatomy classes with Irene Dowd. She then opened her own pilates studio in 2003 called BENT Pilates in NYC and had a successful run for 12 years. While owning the studio, Kim worked with clients that had multiple sclerosis, Parkison’s, Erhlers-Danlos Syndrome and many injured bodies. Kim worked at the International MS Management Practice Center in NYC for a summer, on patients with varying degrees of MS under the guidance of Dr. Stephen Kanter, Supervisor of Rehabilitation Services. The main thing Kim taught her clients was how to move freer and more efficient in their own bodies.

The Surfilates Method is Born

Kim’s passion for both Pilates and surfing sparked her latest creation Surfilates™, a Pilates and balance-based method geared for surf strength and those hoping to improve balance and overall core strength. Surfilates™ maximizes flow, efficiency of movement, injury prevention, and overall body awareness, focusing on the use of the core. This method is also effective for rehabilitation, including those with PTSD, MS, Erhlers-Danlos syndrome, and more. Stay tuned for signature Surfilates™ classes.

Kim K Pilates Shows Foundation Training
Kim K Holds a Theraband
Foundation Training Example
Kim K Jumps in Front of a Mural
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