Kim Kuznitz

Kim Kuznitz has been teaching and working in the Pilates field for 25 years. She developed a Pilates based method geared for surfers and those hoping for a surfers’ body, which maximizes flow, efficiency of movement, injury prevention, and overall body awareness, focusing on the use of the core. This method is also effective for rehabilitation, including those with PTSD, MS, Erhlers-Danlos syndrome, and more.

At the International MS Management Practice Center in NYC, Kim worked with patients with varying degrees of MS under the guidance of Dr. Stephen Kanter, Supervisor of Rehabilitation Services.

Her Style

Kim has been in the Pilates field for over 20 years, diligently exploring her craft. Her passion for both Pilates and surfing sparked her latest creation Surfilates™, a Pilates and balance-based surf workout.  To further develop the Surfilates technique and to highlight its benefits to the surf community she opened a small pop up studio in Rockaway Beach, NY in the summer of 2016. The option of surfing every day called heavily in her heart so in the fall of 2016 Kim packed up her life in NYC and moved to San Diego.

She teaches In Home Surfilates™ in Encinitas and Pacific Beach as well as regular Pilates in Encinitas at Pilates and Beyond Studio. In addition to studio work, she teaches a Paddle Clinic where you can really experience the land to water of Surfilates™

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