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Longevity and Fitness from the Inside Out

Online Pilates Workouts.

Supportive Community.

Longevity and Fitness from the Inside Out.

Kim K Pilates is not fitness for the sake of fitness.

I take the time to work with your body's needs without putting you in a fitness box. You and I work together to create goals you can attain and keep for longevity. I teach you how to move efficiently, pain free and build up functional strength so you can continue the hobbies you love well into your nineties. Pilates for longevity and freedom of movement from the core is my style.

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Meet Kim K

Kim Kuznitz has been teaching and working in the Pilates field for 25 years and is a 4th Generation Pilates Instructor. Her style of teaching is a culmination of her fascination of how the human body moves. As a teenager, she danced for the New Jersey Ballet Company for a season and went to further her studies of dance and earned a BFA in Dance from SUNY Purchase. It was here where she discovered Pilates, but it didn’t resonate with her until she found her mentor Kelly Kane in NYC. Read More.



I just turned 60 this year and I’m an avid surfer, skier, and hiker.  I believe it’s because of cross-training that I am still going strong.  You are a wonderful Pilates instructor and my body says “thank you"!


Very important principles of Pilates are form and control, Kim did an excellent job showing and teaching those principles. She enjoys what she does and you can see that when she teaches. I can see she cares about her clients and that is very important for a fitness professional.


Kim is very clear, she describes how to do the exercises very well, paying attention to how to use your muscles with a detailed explanation so you get the most out of the Pilates workout. She chooses exercises that are doable and gives you the option of upgrades if you want more.

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