Kim Kuznitz, PMA® CPT

Master Pilates Instructor, Surfer & Creator of the Surfilates™ Technique

Kim has been in the Pilates field for over 20 years, diligently exploring her craft. Her style of teaching integrates different movement forms and techniques taken from her studies over the years. Some of her techniques include Muscle Activation Technique, Feldenkrais, Yoga, and Martial Arts.

Kim’s passion for both Pilates and surfing sparked her latest creation Surfilates™, a Pilates and balance-based surf workout that is done on a specially designed surfboard. This technique was designed to enhance surfing performance through Pilates principles.

Balance discs and weighted balls mimic the stability challenges that you find on a regular surfboard. Surfilates™ is for anyone that wants to get a great core workout and improve their balance and posture.

“I was pleasantly surprised to find myself in what was one of the most challenging, beneficial, and fun Pilates-based classes I have taken. [Kim Kuznitz] brings expertise as a Pilates instructor and surfer to this class, making it both delightful and challenging.”

Djuna Passma

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